Certificate Verification

Degreefy Block!

EduChain is a revolutionary product that leverages the power of blockchain to verify the educational background of an individual and authenticate it against forgery. Harnessing the disruptive technology of a decentralized and transparent blockchain system, EduBlox offers next generation degree verification solutions that provides trust and security to the involved parties.

Our team of experts have designed EduChain to act as a scrutiny system that corroborates the data passed through it with the block chain ledger and establish the veracity of the documents. With substantial experience of working in the domain of Blockchains and Distributed Ledger technologies, our team of Nonce Ninjas have created EduBlox to safeguard educational institutions and students, in a time and cost effective manner.

Student Employer/ Corporate University / Body College / School Certificate # Hashing

“Edu Blox lets people be in charge of their proficiency with block-chain verified certificates for academic credentials, professional certifications, workforce development, and civic records.”

Suitable for cloud based and On-Prem installation.

Educhain comes bundeled with cloud APIs making the on boarding of school colleges and enterprises cheap and easy. It can be easily modelled to work as an On-Prem solution as well

Leveraging the power of NoncechainTM APIs

EduChain lower level text stack runs on the enterprice grade Nonce APIs. The modular structure of two application stack lets it scale well and integrate easily with existing education products.

Build apps that issue and verify blockchain-based certificates for academic credentials, professional certifications, workforce development, and civic records.

For Both School and Colleges

Forgery of certificates, school records and other such data is quite common in our country. With easily accessible tampering technology, it’s not unusual for schools and colleges to come across counterfeit certificates which causes them monetary as well as credibility loss. Against this background, the educational community can greatly benefit from the path-breaking solution that Edu Blox offers. With our block chain backed verification system, it’s easy, cost effective, trustworthy and time-saving way of0020authenticating documents.

For professionals and enterprises

Before inducting any recruit into the company, every organization runs a background check of educational documents to validate the skills of the individual, but in the absence of a centralized system, it becomes difficult to verify the accuracy of the documents. This is where EduChain can help enterprises. By authenticating the documents submitted by individuals against our database, it is easy to check the veracity of records. Similarly, professionals desiring to get a block chain certified degree for their documents can do so with Edu Blox.

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