Supply Chain Blox


NimBus is a block chain based product that aims to create greater supply chain efficiency for enterprises in the pharmaceutical market. Giving business the autonomy and visibility to have the knowledge of every step in the network of supply chain agencies, Nimbus aims to create a more transparent system and aid in automation of the process.

Right from conducting payments and audits to monitoring the level of inventory and assists, our supply chain blox enables enterprises to do that and much more. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Nimbus makes it easier and safer for businesses in the pharmaceutical domain to operate their day to day transactions. Users can monitor the various stages of the supply chain network on their devices and have complete visibility and control as the shipment moves from the manufacturer to the end recipient. Nimbus offers you certainty and transparency that not only improves the efficiency of the supply but also offers you cost benefits.

Manufacturer Distributors Patient Pharmacies Trading Partners Wholesaler Dispensers 3PL
Nimbus is a block chain powered tracking for pharmaceutical enterprises to automate their supply chain process, gain visibility into the network and enhance the efficiency of the system”.
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